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“Making of an Avatar” by Jenny Kljucaric

“Making of an Avatar explores the process of avatar creation within gaming and internet communities. Drawing upon specific elements from various games and placing them within a slower paced, ominous environment allows for a closer look at this gaming trope. The piece equates the concept of the avatar to that of the cyborg through its DNA and chromosomal imagery and its fragmentation of the body.


The video pulls elements from the opening sequence from Ghost in the Shell, Mamoru Oshii’s 1995 animated film, as well as its audio to create a tense and somewhat meditative state. The audio also works to create a sense of humor between the ridiculous figures and the serious tone of the film’s opening sequence.


In the original upload, the song was ‘Making of a Cyborg’ by Kenji Kawai from the Ghost in the Shell soundtrack, 1995.” Due to copyright issues, the song has been replaced with Nomyn's "Astral".

“Portrait of a Nation” by Mark Hirsch

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