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Art & Photography

“Dark theme photographs” By Marko Milic

Abstract and landscape photography with dark themes that would match the album name.

“African Culture” and “Live In Peace” By Chaima Boucherma

They are works and paintings of plastic art, whose goal is to live in peace in Africa, despite the multiplicity of ideas, races, cultures, colors and civilizations, but Africa is what unites us.


“Forget Me Not” By Martha Carlisle

This field of forget-me-not flowers acknowledges and honors Black Americans who paid the ultimate price of racism, and reminds us not to forget them. Each flower is individually cut from a pattern I created using a photograph of a forget-me-not flower. The flowers feature hand embroidery, machine quilting, and  a black button. The unfinished edges of the forget-me-not flowers represent unfinished lives. The purple background color represents sorrow; it also represents the dignity of these individual lives.


“The Circle Will Remain Unbroken” By Deitrah Joye Taylor

I am a public historian and dramaturg. This is my narrative of reunion after COVID 19


“Sweet Escape” By Brooklynn Huerta

Sweet Escape is a collection based off of my imagination to escape into a candy reality. My vision and aesthetic derive off of those sweet childhood memories that I share with my friends and family. I remember that big pink fluffy cotton candy that I got at every annual carnival, making confetti cake every year for my birthday, walking to the store with my grandpa to get ice cream, getting full off taffy from trick or treating with my friends, or all those wild sleepovers where me and my friends got sugar high! Step into my sugar reality and down memory lane with me. I hope that each piece brings a little bit of joy and nostalgia unleashing your inner child. This is a tiny collection that very much so resembles me as a person! I am very playful and eclectic, and I don’t think enough black designers or models are represented in that field of fashion so I hope to continue to fill in that gap.