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“Glimmer of Hope” by Chadwick Peters

Artist’s description: “There is light in the horizon of the abyss we are climbing out of…”

A COVID-19 Project by Sayomi (Los Angeles)

“Something that keeps my mind off of Covid is dancing.”

Culture Loop by Wilfredo Rivera, Cerqua Rivera Dance Theatre

“A female African American Choreographer’s personal response & meditation on the racial injustice movement explosion following George Floyd’s assassination in 2020.”

“The Cicada Year” by Tamara Jones

“2021 is a cicada year. As the earth thaws, the nymphs of Brood X will emerge to find a safe place to shed their skin and come of age. For the first time in 17 years, these black-bodied creatures will wander clumsily through this new world singing and fucking, eating and being eaten. The Cicada Year tells a story of growth that percolates within—subtly and slowly—and manifests as a beautiful ephemeral being.”

“A Study on the Weight of Being Black (Finds) A Study in the Resilience of Blackness” by Constance J. Strickland

“Strange Fruit” by Zariyah Perry

“This is the story of two young black girls that live their lives in a world full of hatred for their beautiful black skin and hang for it.” Perry is a student at Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing & Visual Arts.

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