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What is the black album. mixtape.?

In response to the historical significance of 2020 defined by COVID-19 and social protest, the black album. mixtape., a project by Regina Taylor and SMU invited students, professionals and the community in the arts, technology, science and activism to submit original content.

Works have included video, music, audio, images, monologues, photos, designs, or text, interviews or self-interviews. To recognize and celebrate the talent and work of collaborators, the black album. mixtape. and Ms. Taylor will offer eight awards in the amount of $500 each at a virtual block party on May 11, 2021. Watch the block party here:

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Make Your Voice Heard

Document this moment with us. In partnership with Southern Methodist University,  award-winning actress, director and playwright  Regina Taylor ’81 invites you to make your voice heard.

Prompt: After 2020, who are we?

Create a Video

  1. Consider the prompt above.

  2. Speak from the heart. Speak truth to power.

  3. You’re ready!

“After 2020, who are we? 2020 is of historical significance defined by COVID-19, social protests ignited by the murder of George Floyd and an incendiary presidential election process. We are now on the brink in 2021, re-examining our past, challenging who we believe ourselves to be. How we deal with these events will affect generations to come.”

– Regina Taylor

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