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Regina Taylor's

the black album. mixtape.



What is the black album. mixtape.?

When COVID-19 upended and halted our country, our arts and education organizations were thrown into disarray. A global pandemic blossomed in a year that had already marked unprecedented experiences; social protests, civil unrest, the presidential election, the murdering of people of color, and the list goes on.


In an effort to reexamine, redefine and reimagine what it means to teach and educate our youth, and allow our young artists to create and produce work that speaks truth to power. Regina Taylor swiftly pivoted and turned to digital programming; thus, the black album was born. How do we give voice to people - particularly students - who need to speak about the shifts and changes happening in our world? How do we connect people in a time of isolation?


How do we give our young people an opportunity to speak truth to power in this moment? What is it to be Black in 2020? These were some of the questions Regina explored to generate content for the black album. 2020. resistance. and the black album mixtape - all under the umbrella project of the black album.   

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Arts Activism and Change with Regina Taylor, hosted by Jason Reynolds and Jasmine Mans

Regina Taylor’s the black album. mixtape. started with her play the black album. 2020. resistance.—a series of short plays and songs. The play explored quarantine, George Floyd, and a very incendiary political race that exposed the fractures and implosions of the world that still resonate today. Taylor also created a platform of the same name, inviting collaborators from various media to explore this very pivotal moment in history. TBAM is an interactive historical website that challenges us to question how we got here and how can we move forward towards a better future.

Regina will join hosts poet and performance artist Jasmine Mans and New York Times best-selling author Jason Reynolds.

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the black album. 2020. resistance.


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